Slavery is not a thing of the past!

Did you know that there are more people LIVING IN SLAVERY today than in any time in human history?

Each artist-member of joined to sell original work NOT BEING SOLD ANYWHERE ELSE as prints or digital goods. We have joined forces here in a unique endeavor devoted to educating our visitors on the reality of human rights violations being perpetrated today, often through institutionalized systems operating as official government offices, and to supporting qualified groups around the world working tirelessly to end human trafficking and destroying the networks which enable their existence.

When an art print or any other product is purchased through, a significant percentage of the profit goes directly to one or more of the heroic groups which have proven themselves to be worthy of support. The list of specific groups supported will always be posted on this page. Each artist receives 50% of the sale price of his/her work. From the other 50%, the administrators pay for printing and shipping, and donate 5% of the profit to our listed beneficiaries. Our only restriction/request of members is that art being sold through is not available anywhere else.

When artwork is sold, the artist’s percentage goes directly into his PayPal or bank account, and the percentage earmarked for donation goes directly into accounts for the qualified groups.